Slide NEW COLLECTION Sunset in Paradise Our new collection features oriental influences interwoven with vintage bohemian style. Explore breathtaking sunsets with us wearing our fabulous Kimonos and Kaftans. SHOP NOW Slide EXPLORE Our Kaftans Our beautiful Sahara & Seville Kaftans are versatile and timeless pieces.
It can easily transform from day to night with simple styling adjustments.
Slide NEW COLLECTION Marrakesh Kimono Our Marrakesh Kimono is the ultimate holiday wear featuring oriental print and light on the body. It is the perfect "throw on cover-up". SHOP NOW Slide NEW COLLECTION Bali Kimono Our new kimonos are made-to-measure featuring limited edition fabrics and vintage trims. SHOP NOW



Saffron London is a premium resort brand inspired by our traditional Middle-Eastern heritage.

Designed and made in London, each of our items is limited edition and unique. Our garments are tailored to the costumer’s height. Adhering to high quality garments, Saffron London features timeless pieces.

Before visiting the casino, you need to choose the right clothes. And the best choice can be considered Saffron London – this is a premium resort brand this brand is worn by all casino visitors who want to be successful in thejackpot city casino reviewsAll clothes designed and made in London are very popular with all casino visitors now in fashion Sunset in Paradise collection is very elegant and sophisticated clothes



Saffron London is a womenswear resort brand. Our collections are inspired by our traditional Middle Eastern heritage.

Designed and made in London, we do not mass produce. Therefore, each of our items is limited edition. Adhering to high quality garments, Saffron London features timeless pieces.


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